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Since 2016, Yachty by Nature has brought you the very best in LIVE Yacht Rock, originating in Southern California but playing from sea to shining sea!

This hot 6 piece band plays the finest groovy soft yacht rock tunes from the late 70’s and early 80’s. We are a Yachtical Tribute to your favorite artists like Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Toto, Christopher Cross, & so much more.

Expert musicality, groove and improvisational flavor ignite these classic vinyl cuts. All LIVE, ALL the time.  Courtney Cruise & Scotty McYachty on the big vocals, Captain Carl, Ben Shreddin’ and Big Wave Dave locking the rhythm section down, Pacific Rim on sax and jazz flute for nonstop fun!

We are the Yacht Rock Tribute you’ve been looking for and we’re bringing the Yacht Party to YOU! Put on your captain’s hat and Ride Like the Wind to get Yachty with us.

Book Us by calling Captain Carl at (949) 510-3264 or email: captaincarl@yachtybynature.com


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  • captain carl jump yachty by nature blazer hat yacht rock band bands california

    Captain Carl

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Captain CarlNick Name: OpeePlace Of Birth: Marina del Rey, CAOccupation: keyboards & vocals

    Best Known For

    Captain Carl has been the funky white boy moonwalking and breakdancing his way through gigs with his 80's tribute band Neon Nation and the 10 piece soul band Barela for quite a few years. Aside from the shaggy 70's look, he's bringing the same funk, groove, verve, and 70's swagger he's been bringing to the stage for years. When he's on the mic, prepare to put the champagne down and boogie.


    Likes: vinyl, jazz flute, mahogany, leather bound books, pool parties, fondue, champagne, and waterbeds.

    scotty mcyachty bass vocals yachty by nature yacht rock band bands hall and oates captains of smooth

    Scotty McYachty

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Scotty McYachtyNick Name: "the talent"Occupation: bass guitar & lead vocals

    Best Known For

    Scotty has been a regular with Southern California 80's fave Neon Nation also! Our true seaman, Scotty is a veteran of the navy and though he never appeared in the Village People song of the same name, we are still looking for the footage....he had to be there. While he's not sipping on a coconut filled umbrella drink, he's laying down the smooth grooves and kickass vocals that heat this band up. Watch out cuz Scotty is our own resident Michael McDonald!!!!!!

    ben shreddin yacht rock guitar band bands yachty by nature captains hat

    Ben Shreddin’

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Ben Shreddin'Occupation: Guitars and vocal

    Best Known For

    Our resident mixologist, Ben not only shakes it up at the bar, but drops those Yachty good guitar solos and shredding Steely Dan lines over our smooth and groovy rhythm section. Imported from Georgia, Ben comes to us with pirate good looks, super guitar chops, and a Yachty heart of gold under those shredtastic solos!


    likes heavy metal shows, long walks on the beach at sunset, and southern comforts.

    turnoffs include: manscaping, people who are mean to puppies, and rude people.

    big wave dave drums yacht rock band bands yachty by nature captains smooth cruise crew

    Big Wave Dave

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Big Wave DaveNick Name: DaaaaaavvvvveeeeeeeeOccupation: Drummer

    Best Known For

    Droppin' anchor wherever the smooth grooves keep goin'.


    Watch out, Dave will groove you hard or groove you soft, but it won't quit til' you've been dancin' All Night Longgggg.

    pacific rim sax yacht rock band bands yachty by nature smooth captains jazz flute

    Pacific RIM

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: RimOccupation: Jazz Flutist

    Best Known For

    Getting disqualified in the 2015 World Sax Off for being too SMOOTH. Luckily these days, Yacht Rock reigns supreme and Pacific Rim has brought his talents to Southern California. Our resident Lithuanian, Rim enjoys sunsets, palm trees, and flamingo laden wallpaper and has traded his Baltic roots for the sunny shores of the Pacific. So smooth.

    courtney cruise yachts landing yacht rock band bands yachty by nature sailing blue scarf outfit attire vocals

    Courtney Cruise

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Courtney CruiseOccupation: Singer

    Best Known For

    Courtney enjoys fondue, roller skating, long walks on the beach, and a fine chianti. Turnoffs include accordion music, jello, and making out with braces.


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  • Do that to me one more time, once is never enough.

    Capt. & Tennille
  • I'm not much into health food, I am INTO champagne.

    Rupert Holmes
  • You’d be a fool to stop this tide. Spread your wings and let me come inside.

    Rod Stewart
  • Everyday is Christmas, and every night is New Year's Eve.

  • And I've got such a long way to go, to make it to the border of Mexico.

    Christopher Cross

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